When a woman likes you, it’s usually very obvious! Trust me, if we like you, everyone knows — your friends, parents, doctor, ex high school sweetheart… totally kidding on that last one (not really). However, when we don’t, to avoid making things awkward and complicated, we’ll drop hints so you get the message.

1. She Leaves You On Read

For all the guys complaining about women taking hours to respond, um… HELLO!! We have a life y’know! Now, leaving you on read, that’s a whole nother story. Sorry guys, but no woman is leaving a man she’s interested in on read. Especially if you asked her a question, or the conversation ended abruptly because she didn’t respond.

2. Blows You Off Constantly

If your plans seem to never work out because of an excuse or emergency, I can assure you, all those “suddenly feeling sick” and “something came up at work” were total lies. Blair Waldorf Gif “You’re kinda boring” A busy woman can pencil you into her schedule if she really wants to see you. If she can’t do that, she’s not putting in the effort because she doesn’t view you as nothing else but a friend.

3. Turns To You For “Dating Advice”

“I met this super hot guy the other day and I think we hit it off. How would I know if he’s into me?” This question is shady and petty on SO many levels! One, we don’t actually plan to use the advice you’re giving us. Two, we’re throwing the fact that we met someone in your face. No woman actually wants dating advice from a guy (unless you’re her best friend), sex advice, yes! But when it comes to all things relationship, we turn to our amazing BFFs.

4. Introduces You As Her Friend

A lot of guys overlook how they’re introduced and think nothing of it. When a woman is interested in you, and wants everyone to know she’s into you, she’s introducing you to people just by your name “this is Chad!” and that’s it. If she’s going around telling people “meet my friend Chad,” you’re f*cked dude!

5. Distant Body Language

You can tell if a woman is interested in you or not by her body language, depending on how much physical contact and her approach with you. If she’s always on her phone around you, smoothly rejecting your hugs and kisses, or laughing it off when you’re obviously flirting with her, she’s not into you! Clueless “Ew! Get off of me!”A woman that wants you will get every chance to be touchy-feely; the “accidental” leg brush or fixing your hair, we do that when we like you.


These are just five signs a woman will give you if she’s not into you. There are a ton of more signs, so ask a friend if you have to question yourself whether she’s interested or not!

As Always, Stay Fabulous 💋

2 thoughts on “5 Signs She’s Not Into You

  1. As a dude who was perpetually stuck in the “friend zone”, I am familiar with all of these signs! The not calling/texting you back one should be obvious, but it is amazing how many people don’t catch on. If anyone every says they couldn’t find 5 minutes in their day to call you back, you simply aren’t that important to them. Dating-wise, friend-wise, family-wise…whatever. Anyone can find a couple minutes in a day if thy really want to.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for sharing your story Dave!! It really is just about finding balance with being able to call someone back, or to text back.


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