Here in the city, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining. Which means it’s officially “pack your Canada Goose & Moncler jackets away in the back of your closet” season! And with a new season, comes new trends. Spring being one of my favorites because it’s the perfect weather for fashion; not too hot, nor too cold! So here are a few of my favorite trends. ☺️

Spring Fashion Trend #1: Blazers

Still want that professional, business women look this Spring? Pastel, lightweight cotton blazers are a must have! Barneys have a ton of cute and classy sets, so if you’re looking for new stylish blazers… you’re welcome.

Spring Fashion Trend #2: Floral Print

There’s no surprise floral print is trendy this Spring! When is it not? It just screams Spring. Zimmermann, being one of my favorite brands from Australia, I adore their ethereal pieces.

Spring Fashion Trend #3: Silk Slip Dresses

Silk Slip Dresses have always been a perfect staple piece for Summer, and I’m happy they are this Spring. Simply style your slip dresses with a tee underneath, instead of waiting for Summer to wear them in the city.

Spring Fashion Trend #4: The “Ugly” Dad Sneakers

Last year, these “Ugly” Dad Sneakers were trending and took over the internet. At the time, I wasn’t fond of it. This Spring, I’m so into it! They pair perfectly with mini skirts and silk slip dresses, and the chunky heel gives you some extra height.

Spring Fashion Trend #5: Tie-Dye Fashion Pieces

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Tye dye for

A post shared by Morgan Stewart (@morganstewart) on

Morgan Stewart, an absolute fashion icon posted an instagram photo of her wearing a tie-dyed hoodie. I’m not a fan of tie-dyed fashion, but Morgan makes it work and I’m loving this ensemble. So what are your thoughts… do you want this trend to “dye” or stay for this season?

If you take any inspiration from this, tag @LifeinMenhattan and use #SpringinMenhattan!

Stay fabulous 💋 

13 thoughts on “Spring Fashion Trends of 2019

      1. There are so many brands with cute “Ugly” Dad Sneakers!! And I agree, Morgan looks FABULOUS.


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