It’s Monday — 3.25!! The official launch of Life in Menhattan and my 21st Birthday; so today is extra special!


For those of you who don’t know me, Hi, How’s it going? Welcome! I’m Sarah Princess Edmund, a Manhattanite, born and raised on the Upper East Side to Trinidadian and Jewish parents. Yes, my middle name is legally Princess. And yes, I did at one point live in Luxury Hotels for a couple of years, (basically a modern day Eloise at the Plaza) which is a story for another time.

Life in Menhattan isn’t going to be your typical “average” blog. Pardon my French, but F*CK NO! You’re not going to read basic posts about fashion tips, what I eat to “stay fit” or obnoxious sponsored posts. OR, fashion posts featuring basic brands that literally every “influencer” or “insta model” is wearing/collaborating with. My brand will feature fresh and fun articles, polls and conversations about my Lifestyle, Fashion, Manhattan and duh… all things Men related. Plus, I do plan on having a podcast for “LIM” guest starring other New Yorkers, as well as fabulous events in the City and some HOT Merch for you ladies (and guys 😉) in the future.

Special shoutout to those who sent Happy Bithday DMs and Congratulated me on the Life in Menhattan launch!! I love you all and I’m so excited for this journey! With that being said, I’m off to enjoy my special day. 


Stay fabulous!


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